Episode 6: How To Sell Anything Without Much Talking

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When you try to sell something, do you feel like you have to do so much talking? It’s a common problem that I have experienced and is especially true to rookie entrepreneurs.

Many of us run into a meeting, get on the phone or simply try to cram something down someone else’s throat. Sometimes its just an idea or its a product and we never listen enough to find out what the client or person is feeling or what they really want. Here is something that can help you. Listen to this podcast to learn how to close a sale without too much talking!

KhaazRa MaaRanu, co-founder of Electronic Commerce, has built a business to over 62 million per month in sales volume and is sharing everything on the journey to reaching to hitting 1 Billion In Sales Revenue per year. You can follow the journey at www.khaazra.com.

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